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admins: Sara & Joana & Kelsey

You recently started your new work for Sony Music. It was an assistant job for some producer in the Sony studio in London.

Today, One Direction were coming to record some new songs, so your boss ordered you to get some drinks, foods and other stuff the boys liked to keep them happy.

After that you had to get them from from their cars and escort them inside, you were kind of surprised how many paparazzi and fans waited outside for them and it was really hard to get them into the studio.

While they were recording later, you had to organize a few appointments for your boss. Of course you listened to them during the work and especially Zayn´s voice did something to you.

It was almost end of work, you were in your office to get your stuff when you saw Zayn standing in your doorway. He smiled at you and thanked you for your service today. “You´re welcome and I get paid for it” you shrugged and laughed. “I really like your smile” he said and looked at you again. “I want to hear it more often” he winked and then  because of Paul, searching for him.

- Carina

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